About Carey and Sisters & Survivors:

I’m a portrait and lifestyle photographer with over 17 years of experience based in Brooklyn, NY. I lost my sister to Stage IV breast cancer in 2013. She was 40 years old and diagnosed only 4 months prior to her passing. 

Among a million other things that I wish happened differently; as a photographer, I’ve found myself wishing I had photos of my sister and I together that captured our different personalities and special bond.

Sisters & Survivors is a portrait series by Carey of breast cancer survivors, thrivors and fighters with their sisters, made for them and free of charge. 

My plan is to make these portraits across the country, inclusive of different ages, races and demographics. I also plan to publish a book of the photos and the sisters’ stories, to be used as a fundraising tool for metastatic breast cancer research. And I plan to exhibit some of the photos in breast cancer treatment centers. Currently, only 2.5-5% of all of the money raised for breast cancer research goes to Stage IV breast cancer research.

I’m looking for sponsors and grants to help me make this project possible, and I’m currently offering these buy one and give one portrait sessions to start fundraising and spreading the word.