Exposed and The Dangerous Ones

AnaOno x Project Cancerland New York Fashion Week 2017/2018 .

Artist statement below images.


I met Dana Donofree, the designer of AnaOno Intimates, through photographing her for my 'Sisters & Survivors' series.  

‘Exposed’, AnaOno Intimates and Project Cancerland present breast cancer survivors on the runway during New York Fashion Week, February 2017.  I met Dana Donofree, the designer of AnaOno Intimates, through photographing her for my ‘Sisters & Survivors’ project. Some of these images were made during the second show, The Dangerous Ones, in Feb 2018.

AnaOno Intimates is a breast cancer survivor-focused lingerie and lounge wear line, which partnered with the nonprofit Project Cancerland for these benefit fashion shows, raising funds in support of METAVivor. The concept for the show inspired me and I'm honored and humbled to have met and photographed the survivors and creators of this extraordinary fashion show. 

Consider purchasing a gift print for one of the models. 15% of sales donated to METAVivor


I've always been a sensitive type, which is why I admit that I purposely avoid most news about the world. In all honesty, I feel the need to keep my head buried in the sand about topics around suffering in order to protect my heart. I feel things on a deep level, and have more empathy than what’s good for me. I had a child later in my life, in part, because I imagine the possible pain he'll experience in his lifetime, and how I can't prevent that.

But I also know that to fully appreciate the beauty in life means to also walk through sometimes feeling its opposite.

When I learned that Only 2-5% of all of the money raised for breast cancer goes to help find a cure and prolong the lives of the many women and men living with terminal stage iv (metastatic) breast cancer; and how so few people are even AWARE of that fact, it really outrages me. And it’s personal.

My 10 year old niece (now 15) lost her mother, my sister, to stage iv breast cancer that had spread to her bones, only 4 months after she was finally diagnosed with cancer at all.

Meeting and photographing some of these amazing thrivers and advocates and learning about all they're doing to help people living with mbc is giving me hope, and my heart swells for each and every one of you.

This fashion show was so much more than an incredibly creative, inspiring vision created by Dana Donofree, AnaOno, Cancerland and all of the others. They raised $100K for METAvivor Research and Support Inc.

I love telling stories through photography, and with this work I hope to help get the voices in this movement heard.